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[Gold] Please test

So, now we have a test server (gold) that:
1. Is in sync with latest MIT June 6 updates that includes new blockly, grid, etc
2. Can import MIT AI2 apps
3. Can rename app package - even for multi-screens
4. Can possibly import Silver apps - some mods are required: 

⦁ Download Silver .aia from silver platform
⦁ Use ONLY 7-zip to open .aia - DO NOT extract, just open it and keep it open
⦁ Once .aia is opened, drill down the src folder all the way till you see your Screens
⦁ Drag and drop all screens into a temp folder on your computer (keep 7-zip open)
⦁ Now drag and drop all screens from temp folder into notepad++
⦁ In notepad++ do control-h and do following replaces (you have select the button that says "Replace All in All Opened Documents"


⦁ Then save and close all the files
⦁ Drag all the files back into 7-zip

Package renaming:
On Screen1, you'll see a new property called ApplicationPackage. You can use this to change package name. Let's say your email is jd...@gmail.com. and your app name is textingapp
App inventor, Silver package name format is: appinventor.ai_jdoe.textingapp
AppyBuilder package name format is: com.appybuilder.jdoe.textingapp

In Application package you can enter appinventor.ai_jdoe.textingapp to override the default appybuilder package name. You can also enter something like com.example.myapps.textingapp to use your own custom packaging

NOTE1. package names HAVE to be all lower case, minimum 2 words, (e.g. com.example), valid domains that is your own domain, no special characters
NOTE2. When changing package names, for multiple screens, you need to fully qualify screen names. For example "Open another screen" Screen2 => "Open another screen" appinventor.ai_jdoe.textingapp.Screen2
NOTE3. DOWNLOAD YOUR KEYSTORES AND CREATE BACKUPS in separate locations (even on multiple storage locations). e.g.
Test Server: http://aitester4.appspot.com
Good job Hossein.
Unfortunately for me and for one of my apps this does not solve my issue. Gold cannot "fix" or handle my app. The app cannot be build due to lack of memory issue.
I can relly only on Silver but unfortunately is out of question due to the "squish" bug thing.
This is basicaly the end of the road for me.
And probably last time using the service.
Thank you, Mr. Hossein. Will test tomorrow. So, is it now possible to change multiscreen app's package name?
Like : com.domain.app?

ALL: There is now README file sitting in Google Drive HERE that contains up-to-date information. Please refer that for instruction.

@Ronin: Yes, even for multi-screens, you can change package name to custom domains. This feature is now available ONLY on test server and after members testings, will be integrated into production server.

@ayiid: I completely understand you and you know that we have been working with you trying to find solution. You have a very nice, sophisticated, complicated app that apparently can't be resolved in GOLD server. I even tried locally, increasing the RAM, but still same issue. I think, next step for us will be to look into resolving the issue in Silver platform.

I indeed agree my app is very complex, thats why i call it a nightmare.
For some reason Silver can handle it VERY well, but Gold simply fails to build it no mather what i do. For some time, before AppyBuilder i used a personal offline server and also need to change some parameters/ variables on windows for me to be able to sucessfully build the app.
I just dont understand why the app fails to build on Gold if the build servers, both Silver and Gold are the same, same memory etc
I also sucessfully upload the app to Thunkable, and even there i have the same issue. App inventor and "clones" has a big problem with this app size/blocks issue, something that should be solved a long time ago, i just dont understand why this limitation still exists.
I can only relly on Silver, since Gold did not help me at all, but i dont believe a fix will be available soon, and if Silver can be fixed.
You have been a great person, always helpfull but unfortunately, Silver and Gold are completely worthless for me right now.
All my work and revenue for that app went down the drain.

Google Play will now accept the signature and certificate of my app (built off the new gold test site (aitester4)) if I enter my package name (appinventor.ai_mbartizmo.idioms_app_v2). However, I can't get it to change screens.

for goToScreen "Privacy" I've tried.
- "Privacy"
- "appinventor.ai_mbartizmo.idioms_app_v2.Privacy"
- "com.appybuilder.mbartizmo.idioms_app_v2.Privacy" (found this value in project.properties)
- "appybuilder.mbartizmo.idioms_app_v2.Privacy" 

None work. If I leave the application package blank, changing screens does work, but I can't upload my new release to Google Play. 

Any ideas?

Note: I cannot find the string "SelectionFullPath" or "Selection" in Privacy.yail/Privacy.scm/Privacy.bky. (Even if I did, it would be a challenge to edit the file in the .aia as 7zip is not available for Mac)

On my device galaxy s6 nougat the companion app crashes on screen rotation.


I believe Mac version of 7-zip can be found HERE. I believe you should also be able to use WinZip, as long as you keep the zip open.
Also, please see note2 below in the following document - please get uninstall v39 companion and get latest again from HERE.

NOTE2. IF you have changed package names AND you have multiple screens, when changing package names, for multiple screens, you need to fully qualify screen names as shown here:
"Open another screen" Screen2 => "Open another screen"jdoe.textingapp.Screen2

@Andrea, We'll check on companion rotation
Thanks Hossein. The 'jdoe.textingapp.Screen2' solution worked. My app is working again and a functioning copy is back in the Play Store. Best of luck with the other users.

Unfortunately Hossein I do not get this to work with the application package....

New app.
App name testapp
For ApplicationPackage i have tested with 
⦁ com.baasapps
⦁ com.baasapps.testapp
⦁ com.baasapps.myapp.testapp

Error Screen2 not found
⦁ com.baasapps.testapp.Screen2 or screen2
⦁ com.baasapps.myapp.testapp.Screen2 or screen2
adds com.appybuilder. in fron of it
⦁ com.baasapps.testapp.Screen2 or screen2
⦁ com.baasapps.myapp.testapp.Screen2 or screen2
Let's say your email is bob...@gmail.com
You set ApplicationPackage to com.baasapps.testapp
For open another screen, use boban1.testapp.Screen2

This only works in apk not companion.
Please try and let us know

From readme doc:
NOTE2IF you have changed package names AND you have multiple screens, when changing package names, for multiple screens, you need to fully qualify screen names as shown here:
"Open another screen" Screen2 => "Open another screen"jdoe.textingapp.Screen2 

My email bobans.s73.....
ApplicationPackage com.baasapps.testappTo open another screen, bobans_s73.testapp.Screen2

Forgot about the dot.
Is all okay now?

Regarding package change yes, Gold itself No.
But for now it seems that most work on test server

⦁ images for different mobiles works
⦁ ads - portrait, landscape works
⦁ targetSDK 22 is causing issues Have not tested yet
⦁ spinner component I put it as a bug because it does not look like it should still waiting for this
⦁ progressbar component still waiting for this

 As we have already talked for us who use Themes in apps, your ActionBar is causing issues as it does not follow the Theme Style..
can not do a damn thing to manipulate themes because of ActionBar, and my solution I have is too hard to do every time

Bug: FloatingButton
⦁ If ButtonSize is set to 72 in designer becomes huge on phone, below and over 72 works fine still a issue with this
⦁ in blocks works fine on Initialize

Additional FloatingButton bug
⦁ FloatingButton disappears if the orientation is changed and it is impossible to get it back works

hossein can you give us this in a video demonstration i can't get this to work i mean how to change package name from gold to silver !!! and thank you 

Yes, we are working on tutorials.
After testings are done, then we'll roll it into http://Gold.AppyBuidler.com

Also, just wanted to say that solution that Husain provided looks pretty straight forward:

Here is the video:

And here is where you can download ApkTool and instructions on how to install the tool:

ok thanks

"NOTE1. package names HAVE to be all lower case,"

But unfortunately, all my Apps have mixed characters (both capital & small) in package name.

How to sort out this problem now? :(

Give the mixed case a try. It may work.
As naming convention, it really needs to be all lower case

Fyi the build server on our test server is currently down due to maintenance.

how can I manage that multiple screens work too? One of my Apps doesn't open other screens, even though I tried your way. I changed it to: manasgoyal3777.VoterINDIA.Screen2
Is there anything wrong with that? Here's my App link:

If your package name is appinventor.ai_manasgoyal3777.VoterINDIA, then use manasgoyal3777.VoterINDIA.Screen2 or like that.

We'll have the test server build server up this evening ny time

Thanks for the reply. I tried that, as also named in my first comment, but it didn't work... :(

My app name has caps in them so this wont work for my app. Additionally, I can't seem to find the field where I can change the package names in other screens (not Screen1)

Its only available on screen1and applies for entire app

Okay so I tried it on the companion, Screen1 doesn't work I don't know why. Other screens work fine even after having the package name contains some caps.


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