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If you are having trouble with the emulator or USB, the first thing to do is to visit the Connection Test Page to verify that aiStarter is running and that you have installed the latest version of the setup software. Even if the test passes, it is still a good idea to begin your troubleshooting by reinstalling the setup software, making sure to follow all the instructions, including the steps of rebooting and uninstalling. See How to update the App Inventor setup software. Also, in addition to the troubleshooting suggestions shown here, you can find help with problems connecting to the emulator, phone or tablet, and help with aiStarter on the page for General connection help. You can also visit the App Inventor Forum to connect with other App Inventor users.

Auto Update Issues

Using the Emulator

Using the USB cable

App Inventor Setup Software

The aiStarter program

The AI Companion

Installing device drivers

Using the Blocks Editor and loading projects

Connecting the phone over wifi

Communicating with the device

Using USB after using the emulator

Running apps on the phone

Testing apps with multiple screens

Loading and saving projects

Working with sounds and images

Building projects

Keystores and Signing of Applications (".apk" files)

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