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Login on a site and use a section of a site.

I am doing an app to access an webpage. I would like to know how to enter the name and the key on a textbox at appinventor and these informations be used to enter on the site. I think that if we discover how can I use just a section of the page, I can use just the box of the page that i should put the username.

Victor... Please do the tutorials... The tutorials are located here:http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/tutorials

I've already seen this, but it didn't help me so much.

does that page use basic HTTP authentication?

I do nota know if it's http, do you know how can i ser this? Bit this mothod use only one username, this site has specific information for each user how can i do for this case? And what about show on the APP just one section of this page? Thank you so much.

System wont let me perform a Save As or Create Checkpoint

For some reason since last night, the System wont let me perform a Save As or Create Checkpoint. Just thought I would report this issue..

does this happen for all projects or only one project? 
In case it's only one project, how large is that project? as you know, there is a limit of 5MB for App Inventor apps...
are you able to download the aia file of the project?

There were problems with the build servers and the Google Cloud last night and this morning.  For a better explanation, reload AI2 in your browser and click on the link to the notice posted in the splash screen. 

Happens only on 1 project. It's not that big of a project.

OK, I have read the splash screen and see there is a system wide issue with the server. I do get that “red bar” with an error message.. I can see the project and work on the project, but I can't do an export with it nor save it under a new name. Will this be permanent?

Gary... Can you restore from one of the AIA backup files you must have been making?

Well, I have not been making aia back ups as you noted. That's a great idea and one I will now take to heart and implement. That way I have copies off-line. 

During project development, I did perform a "save-as" often and changed the project name with a revision # increment from time to time. Those past revisions are still working fine without any issue with export, etc. Turns out I had made only a few minor changes since the last revision so recovery was quick based on going back to a previous revision and updating it. So I am all good now! 

I appreciate your support and input!

Gary... I'd wait until they post a message to the forum or to the splash screen before you do much more work or you could lose that too... You just need to be a little patient untill a notice is posted, the servers calm down and the load is distributed.

Humm.. good suggestion!
Thanks again Enis.

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gh0ul <gh0ulnet@gmail.com>: Dec 11 10:32AM -0800 

This is awesome.

For anyone trying to go through the tutorial, like I did, I would suggest
just alter the AIA file to suit.

I've been working on it for days and I only just realised there was a
file... my bad.

Thanks anyway
gh0ul <gh0ulnet@gmail.com>: Dec 11 10:35AM -0800 

I'm so happy to get this working I could do a happy dance

On Thursday, December 11, 2014 6:32:57 PM UTC, gh0ul wrote:

Lists of lists

I have done much research on how to accomplish what i want and all examples are very vague

Want to have a list of items that have a sublist of items that may or may not have the same amount of items.

Item 1.        Item 2
  Item 1a.       Item 2a
  Item 1b.       Item 2b
  Item 1c
  Item 1d

I need specifics please, no reference to some vague examples.


An example of a List of Lists 

This article by Sajal explains Lists  List Blocks On App Inventor  


Here's a doc on filtering lists of lists, in case you haven't seen it yet ...

This is still vague to me. Llets say i have a listpicker that has fruit and veggies in it.  Pick fruit and another listpickeropens to display apples bannanas etc. Thinf is the fruits and veggies and particular kinds are dynamic, so user input.

Nevermind, i think ive got it figuered out. Thanks anyways. Dont actually have to use list of list. Can use separate lists and indexes with nested listpickers

Ok....new question.....based on


As i add a new top level list item, i will also add a new csv at the saame index as the top level item.  The question is if i start to make it as a list, that way i can add, remove items then save to webdb as csv, for indexing reasons.  Basically when in app, as list, then in tinywebdb as csv in row, unless there is a way to edit csv like lists?

Sorry if confusing

Depends on how fancy you want to get.

If the app is only for you, you can drop the csv text into
a text box and trust yourself to edit it with the commas
before writing it back to storage.

If you want something more bulletproof,
you can convert the csv text into a list,
feed it into a ListView or List Picker and pop up a
notifier asking if the selection should be deleted or edited.
Have extra buttons to save the list back as a csv text,
or do it immediately.

Ok. Thx. The more bulletproof option is what i am looking for.  App is for me for now, with possible play store once working thoroughly.

create barcode image

ok not sure how to do this but i want to scan a bar code store the value for recall later (easy bit). When i recall the barcode from tinydb, i want to be able to produce the barcode as in the lines in a box so it can be scanned anyone know how to do this???

You will have to research how to create a barcode.  What you'll save to the TinyDB will be a number of the product.  THen, you'll have to take that number and recreate the barcode manually, not an easy task.

Barcodes are VERY specific, and are a combination of various width bars.

App responsive for screen (universal app-image resolution)

Hi, I want to know or it possible to create a program (via app inventor 2) which adjust to the device screen size (for multiple android phones and they screen sizes). 
One of the problem is the small screen on my device (LG L3 240 x 320 pixels, 3.2 inches) and as told for me SteveJG : "App Inventor 2 is designed for creating apps with a minimum screen size of 320 x 480."  but my device show  good programs in proportion to the screen with a resolution of ... I want to know most frequent android phone screen resolutions, that I could choose the most appropriate resolution (width height in pixels) for my app background images, to suit most Android phones and  do not distort background images and do not distort the whole app... How many it is advisable to choose the DPI (100-200)? What are options (ways) of making a program suitable for use with a different aspect ratio screens? And the best-accuracy emulator for test program for different screen sizes?


I've said this before but you don't seem to be doing it... read my tips about the Emulators below:

You can always use "Fill parent" sizes if it's simple.
Or, if you don't want strange stretching, you could do this:

When [screen].Initialize
    set [Image].Height to [Screen].Width 
     set [Image].Width to [Screen].Width  x [the image width/the image height] 

How to Remove the Title Bar with the Screen Name

Hi guys, I've been working on making a nice and pretty UI for my app, but there's one thing that is just driving me CRAZY as it breaks the design pattern and I can't figure out how to remove it:  the gray title bar that says the name of the current screen on it.

Is there any way I can remove, or at least change that bar?

You need to use a 3rd party tool from Hossein called App2Market.  You can't do it in native AI2.

The AppToMarket forum!


Application Help

Hello! Fairly new to this forum, but i have an inquiry on how i can improve this application
that i have created on AI2 so that it would be well received by the public if I published it
on the app store/market. (Obviously i cant make it perfect, but some tips and direction would be nice)

I would like to share the project to see if anyone could help me with
the concept and UI of the application,

Serious inquirys only, please PM me with a reply if you could help out.

I'm a good computer graphics artist and I know a fair number of tips and tricks to really help the UI.  I can also just make any graphics if needed.
However, it's kind of hard to help review/fix anything that I can't access.  Do you have any way for me to see the app?

display images randomly from the bottom line

Can anyone help me? I have a school project. One of the problems is that i do not know how to display images randomly (some mice) that starts from the bottom and they walk up the screen. The mice should have different colors and their starting point should be different. The user should click on the mice to gain points, and then the program should sum these points. Can anyone give me an idea??

What have you tried so far?  Post some screenshots of what you've done so we can guide you a bit.

Obviously, you'll need a canvas and some sprites.

Have you done ANY of the tutorials?  If not, how do you expect to program an app to do these things.  So, first do the tutorials... The tutorials are located here: http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/tutorials

How do I replace text values (In block editor) by using a list picker?

So I'm making a computer reservation system and I want it so that each room has their own individual unit showing how many computers available. I need to do this all with the listpicker but I am seriously confused (See tagged image).

You'd definitely be better off with AI2.

What problems are you having with the AI2 emulator?

First thing I'd do is reinstall AI2.  I'll put instructions below.  Also, I've attached some troubleshooting tips below that.   DON'T SKIP ANYSTEPS IN THE INSTALLATION:

Please reinstall the setup software:

I suggest you try to reinstall the software and see if it still happens, and then, PLEASE report back here and let us know if it fixed your problem.  Please follow these steps.
  1. Close down everything on your computer and REBOOT.
  2. After the reboot, uninstall the software from the icon in the App Inventor folder... it'll be uninstall.exe.
  3. REBOOT AGAIN.  To be SURE, go to your  Program Files folder and make sure the folder for AppInventor is gone.  If not, please delete it before running the setup software.
  4. Go to the setup link (setup software), and reinstall the App Inventor software.  DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULTS THAT ARE PROVIDED BY THE SETUP SOFTWARE SUCH AS FOLDER ETC.  Don't run an older setup file version that you might have saved to the downloads folder, but use the current one from the link above.
  5. After the setup is finished...REBOOT AGAIN
  6. Then, try going to the App Inventor site and try loading the emulator again.
That should fix your issue, but make SURE you come back here and reply back so we know it worked, or didn't work.
Emulator Issues:
Most of the emulator connection problems we have seen are a result of not having the most current version of the App Inventor setup software, or that software having been incompletely installed.

Still, there can be many other issues that could cause the connection to the emulator to fail.  Please read and follow the document below on connection issues:

Click here for Emulator Setup and Trouble Shooting Instructions

If you still cannot get the emulator running after following that document, please post in the forum and we'll try to help you out.
Also, read my tips below:

You will probably need a Fusion Table with one row per computer,
with columns for:
  • Building
  • room
  • seat
  • computer number
  • computer type
  • current assigned user (blank if free)
Also consider adding a reservations table:
  • computer type desired
  • reservation requested timestamp
  • user to notify when free
  • building desired
  • SMS to notify
The Pizza Party tutorial will get you started on Fusion tables.
Search this forum for more examples.

Display Song Title, Artist name, Picture and remaining playing time

can someone tell me how to use attached database query to display currently playing Song tile, Artist Name and picture and remaining time to display in app screen ?


System delete all blocks in a screen

For several days when loading the project I get this message (see attachment)

"It appears that SCREEN has had all blocks removed. Either you removed them intentionally, or this is the result of a bug in our system."

If I continue, the system deletes all blocks present in SCREEN

Why? It is a bug?

I'm sorry. I hope you can solve the problem in fast times

copy text to clipboard by pressing a button

Hi, I am trying to copy some text to the clipboard by pressing a button.  I have found the following method on the forum: https://puravidaapps.com/snippets.php#2clipboard (clipboard.aia)  But this doesn't work for me.  When I clicked on the button to try to copy text to the clipboard, I got the message "Error 601  No corresponding activity was found."  This confused me a bit because I have downloaded the .aia file and installed the app on my phone, but it doesn't work.  Help or advice is much appreciated..


which Android device / Android version do you use for your tests?
did you try another device?


I got the same result on two android devices:
1) my phone...Star N9600 MTK6589T (Android 4.2.1)
2) my tablet...Acer A210 (Android 4.1.1)

yes, it seems to be, that this solution does not work for all Android versions
you found out, it does not work on Jellybean
I just tested on HTC Desire S running Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) and it also did not work.

it works on the following Android versions though:

✫ Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N running Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)

✫ Nexus 5 running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and I think, it also worked on Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat)

I will add a note on my webpage. Thank you.

Thanks for the info.  I hope that there is another way to do this (copy text to clipboard by pressing a button)   :)

You do know that a long click will bring up the copy menu, right?

Yes I know that will work in some apps (like Amazon Kindle), but unfortunately it does not work on the App that I made with AppInventor 2.

 hope that there is another way to do this (copy text to clipboard by pressing a button)   :)
the alternatives have been mentioned here copy text to clipboard?

I read in your post about '1. use the Sharing component and the "Copy to Clipboard" action'.  Do you mind explaining a little bit more?  I have added a Sharing component to my App but I do not know how to invoke the "Copy to Clipboard" action.  (Please excuse my English because it is a second language :)  )

you just call the Sharing component

then the "Share with" window select "Copy to Clipboard" from the list of apps

Thanks for the explanation!

according to this stackoverflow answer How add “copy to clipboard” to custom IntentChooser? the Google Docs app must be installed on the device for this solution to work
I now updated my snippet accordingly 


Why the radio app made using AI stops and needs to press the play button again.

Can anybody help me on this one? I'm currently developing a radio app using App Inventor. The problem is it suddenly stops and needs to press the play button again. 

Do you have some more info, did you allready try it on a mobile phone, is the internet connection stable, what kind of blocks did you use, picture maybe. I'm also making a radio app and don't have that specific problem, so maybe if you give some more info i can help

I have same problem. When connection is bad, App is dead and need to restart App even when connection is good again.

BTW, how do you go about to display currently playing song title and artist name on your app? I am using MySQL as backend database?

for the current playing is use a url with only the only the current song title name and show it in a label.   Do you have an example of how you do that with Mysql database, is the track title always up to date, i have some issues with specific wifi networks that uses chache and wont update

Yandex Translate -translating multiple buttons

Basically I have created an app that has 10 buttons, the text for each button is "Category A: Building 'X" (X being a number from 1 to 10) I am currently trying to add a translation feature where the user can choose one of three languages to translate to and all the text on the buttons will be translated to that language e.g. Spanish would become "Categoría A : Construcción 3". My app currently has three yandex translators for the three languages, which work but all of the translated text for each button is displayed in every single button which is a problem.

So my question is will I really have to add 30 (3 components for the different languages and there's 10 buttons so 3*10) different yandex translator components into the designer to translate each button individually all at once? And then have 30 translation requests in the block editor? Or is there an efficient/ simple way to do this?
p.s. sorry for long post and if its badly explained, thanks

Else IF

Is there a limit to how mant ElseIF I can use in one block? I would like to show a number of table arrangements according to a number entered by the user. So if the user writes 5 the app should show 5 arrangements on the next screen. If the user writes 2 then only two arrangements should show. See picture.

Take a look at my Tips & Tricks HERE. It shows you how to use a generic procedure that can basically handle n number of if-then-else statements without affecting your code!

I can see the idea if I want to write something depending on the users input. But what if I want something to happen (make a table arrangement visible). Should I call a procedure? So if the user writes 3 I want table arrangement 1+2+3 visible. If the user writes 1 I only want table arrangement 1 to be visible.

How to get to the recorded files from SoundRecorder

Basically I am trying to develop a 'Recorder' type app using AI2 but I am running into the above problems. Any hint will be helpful. I looked into the tutorial codes but they are basic.
here is the problem:
When the SoundRecorder completes the recording, it gives the recorded sound file such as:
/storage/emulated/0/My Documents/Recordings/app_inventor_1418321306973.3gp

But the question is:
1) How can I externally access these files so that I can copy to another place (on my PC for example) ? The doc says that the files is created on the SD card, but I do not see them on my sd card? As it says /storage/emulates/... I assume that it is kind of internal.

2) Also when I programmatically try to read the file, I get a 'file not found' exception. However I am able to play the same file using the Player component. I do not understand what is going on..

Any hint will be helpful

1) /storage/emulates/0 is the root of your emulated sdcard
just open a file manager and go to the directory My Documents/Recordings and you will find the recordings in there

2) It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

Removing empty space from textbox

I have designed a login system for my app where the user registers with a user name and password. The user name and password are entered into text boxes and a button is pressed to save them in tinywebdb.

Here is the problem. I noticed that the auto correct of my phone sometimes inserts a space after the user name. So if I want to register with the name "abc", I unknowingly create the user name "abc " (ending with a space or empty string). So when I try to login without the space I receive an incorrect user name error. How do I make sure that the empty spaces in the user name text box are not saved as the the user name? 

I tried using the attached blocks but they always result in the error if I dont use spaces.

Use the Trim block from the text drawer...

Thanks! I feel so stupid. Don't know how I missed something so obvious after having used app inventor for some time.

No problem... Very often, the hardest things to find are the ones right there in front of us ;)!

2 Stop Watches: START and STOP to STOP and START???

I have 2 Stop Watch Clocks: This is how it's supposed to work > Clock 1 Starts then Clock 2 Stops and if Clock 2 Starts Clock 1 Stops but, when either or Stops and the other one Starts off at the same exact timing the other Clock Stopped at and not at the time it left off last with... (If that makes sense?) Which is the Correct way it's supposed to work!

I do not know what the correct way is, because that is the way you want it to work.
Why do you need two clocks if one always continues where the other stops?

What SHOULD HAPPEN: Clock 1 Stops and Clock 2 Starts "Vice Versa" Clock 2 Stops and Clock 1 Starts but, *the (issue)* I'm having is when "Either Clock 1 or Clock 2 Starts again it Starts off at the SAME EXACT time the other Clock left off/Stopped and NOT the time it stopped at!" I hope that better explains it???"

What SHOULDN'T HAPPEN: "Either Clock 1 or Clock 2 Starts again it Starts off at the SAME EXACT time the other Clock left off/Stopped at and NOT the time it itself stopped at!" 

Edit: (e.g.) Both Clocks 1 and Clock 2 Set at 2:00 mins... When Clock 1 is Clicked ..Clock 2 Starts... When Clock 2 is Clicked (Clock 2 Stops (at 1:32 mins/secs) and Clock 1 Starts (at 1:32mins/secs) < "Not Supposed to happen" Clock 1 Should Start at 2:00mins and continue... back and forth till time is done on either clock first!

Still confusing, but I still think you are saying:
Clock1 stops at time1
Clock2 should start at time1
Clock2 stops at time2
Clock1 should start at time2 (and not at time1, as apparently happens now)

Still my question is, why would you need 2 clocks then?

Well: time to post a screenshot of your blocks, maybe we can see then what is wrong.

Check my Edit... I'll try posting a Screenshot ASAP! Thank you for replying and Help! I really appreciate it!

Like a Chess Clock..

You are probably confusing your references to the timers.  If you want help, post screenshots of your blocks so we can see what you're doing and how you're doing it.

Let me know if you need others! Thank you again!

I don't see any place where you're clearing the globals and resetting the times.

I googled on how a chess clock should work, and I think it is this:
Clock1 and Clock2 have both a certain total time.

Clock1 starts at total and stops at time1a
immediately Clock2 starts at total and stops at time2a

immediately Clock1 starts at time1a and stops at time1b
immediately Clock2 starts at time2a and stops at time2b etc...

However, you should keep the time for each clock in a **separate** global. And you have redundant routines in the when.Timer events. You could use a procedure with as input the appropriate timer. This would make your life simpler.

I see why you wanted to Visually see it to better understand what I meant! Cause now I need the same lol... and Examples of what you mean here "However, you should keep the time for each clock in a **separate** global. And you have redundant routines in the when.Timer events. You could use a procedure with as input the appropriate timer. This would make your life simpler."

Please read my tips on redundancy and procedures:

Thank you BOTH for All your help! I'm really new to this all this and App Inventor... but, I'm learning though so any Tips, Good Tutorials, etc.. is MUCH appreciated! I'm looking into all the info you gave me... Thank you BOTH again!

When your app starts, each clock has a certain time which should be counted down to 0. When one of the clocks counts down to 0 the player with that clock looses.
For starters, you could calculate the total amount of seconds allowed to each player, that would save you the global sec and global min. 
Then, you should have global ts1 for clock1 and global ts2 for clock2 initialized or set to the total number of seconds each player has.

  in when Clock1.Timer you say set global ts1 to get global ts1 - 1
  in when Clock2.Timer you say set global ts2 to get global ts2 - 1
and: when 0, this particular player with that clock looses.

Now, I think you want to display the time in minutes and seconds in a label for each player instead of the seconds you have in this new setup. You may have a procedure with as input either ts1 or ts2 (read the documentation on how to create a procedure with inputs and Enis his tips), which could return the value you need to be displayed on the label. Call this procedure in each when Clockx.Timer event block.
Slightly clearer? If not, AND if you have tried to figure out how procedures work, then upload an .aia and I will try to help you. 

Just read the posts and just want to clarify something for you. The way app inventor works is that everything is run one block a time and does not run in parallel unfortunately, so even if you have 2 clocks running the timer blocks won't be process at the same time. The one timer event block will run and all block code with in it will be processed. Once that has been completed then the second timer event block will be process.

It is better practice I find just to use 1 clock component to do all process. 

Never even thought of that Gareth... very nice catch!

I'm gonna read up more before I reply with my findings and results of all the information you'll have provided for me! :D Thanks for the insight..

I don't think many users App Inventor are aware of how block code is processed and in certain projects this can be quite important to understand so you can create work a rounds to solve the issue of sequential processing in AI. 

If your interested, Jose has written a great blog discussing how App Inventor block code is processed when a project is run in more detail. Here's the link: The simple Virtual life

Yes, of course you are right and also Jos his write up is nice, I did not see it before.
However, apart from scaring The End, I think this is not a valid issue here. Because there is always only one clock enabled in his case.
Actually, he could easily use one timer. He only needs two counters, but it would be slightly more difficult to figure out from which counter he should subtract when the timer event fires. Apart from that, this is not rocket science where every millisecond counts, but a chess clock, where slow human reaction causes more inaccuracy than sequential processing.

Using 1 timer you could do something like this

Any of you on Hangouts? I'm getting lost... I know it's probably a few simple changes  to the code that need to be done but, it's hard for me to see plus this it honestly my first run at trying to create a app period.

Ghica are you on Google Hangouts?

Attached is a the Chess clock AI2  project I just created which does what you are after I think.

The figure 86400 in the project is number of seconds in 24 hours. to calculate this 60secound * 60minutes * 24hours = 86400 second if your wand to do mil-seconds aswell this can be done. The formula could be made much simplier I'm pretty sure taking the system time at the start away from the current system time

Hey Gareth, Thanks for your help on the .aia file! I'm trying to get the Milliseconds running, but can't seem to figure it out! I'm not sure if I NEED to have the Clocks Timerinterval set to 100 or if I can leave it at 1000? 

Not sure if its something in I'm not doing correct in linking the coding for the Milliseconds or what? 

I'd appreciate your help.. I'm pretty sure it something simple I'm missing idk... I just need the milliseconds to count down from 9-0 and 0-9.. 

Clock intervals are 1000 per second, so 5000 would be 5 seconds, 1000 is one second, 500 is 1/2 a second and 100 is 1/10th of a second.

Hi The End and Gareth,
This is going to be the clock contest! I had made an .aia too, but when I saw that you had made one too, I kept it.
But looking at yours, I think for a real chess clock there are some flaws.
I think that when you press button 1, the clock for player 2 should start running, because it signifies that Player 1 is ready, And the other way around.
It would be nice to disable the button of the player not playing.
Another thing is that the phone falls asleep after a minute or so and then the clock stops running. 
To prevent that I used a trick I read somewhere: Have a second clock with a rather larger timer and a notifier with transparent background and empty alert message in the when Clock2.Timer ...
To make it easy for The End, I implemented the millisecond part (the timer interval should be set to 100). But why do you need milliseconds for a chess clock? And when should they count from 0-9??

Thanks for both of your replies..
So I spoke with Gareth on "Google Hangouts" and basically gave him this site (http://www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-chess-clock/) as a Base of what I was looking for Both Timers to look like.. minus the 1000 Milliseconds (I just need it to count from 1/10th of a Second) for the 1 min games mostly but, need it to run for Alll the times "If I can get the clock to run just like that site it'll be Awesome but, if not its fine.. and it's just visually better! imo.. and the Start Button isn't needed... So I believe Gareth just made a Quick Template for me to get a idea of how I could code it..

I have everything set it's just the milliseconds thats not kicking in the way it's supposed to... I'm gonna take a look at your code now! 
Thank you all again!

I'm think I burnt a few Brain Cells lol! Geesh! I guess theres sooo many ways to write this code for something that looks so simple from the outside looking in!

If you don't mind taking a look at the screen shoots to see where in the Milliseconds thats just not adding up literally!? I tried to just follow the code Gareth provided.. but, I definitely got Great ideas from your layout @Ghica! 

From the pictures I cannot figure out what you did, so if you want an answer, you must attach an .aia and I will look at it maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, it is a bit tricky. I have the counters of the time in an array. At the beginning I look what the number of minutes is and I multiply that with 600. Now you have the time for each player in tenth of seconds (which is also the time interval for the clock).

At each timer event, you can now just subtract 1 from one of the counters (the counter for the current player). If the counter is <= 0, the game is over. 

If you want to display the time left, you have to do some calculations:
Get the count in tenths of seconds (hmilli in my blocks). You already have it that way, but you must take the right list element.
The number of seconds is floor(hmilli/10).  the number of seconds is hmilli / 10 and you want the highest integer smaller than that.)
To find the minutes and seconds division, you do quotient(sec / 60) which is actually the same as floor. The seconds are the modulo of the seconds and 60, just actually the same as the remainder of sec / 60. The tenth of seconds is similar, but now the remainder of hmilli / 10. (hmilli was tenth of seconds and this remainder is therefore a number  0-9 as a fraction of a second. 
Look at my setLabelText procedure, it is much easier to see there. The trick is to keep the counters in tenth of seconds, the same as the time interval of the clock.

Ghica are you able to use Google Hangouts? I rather send the (aia) file via Hangouts if you don't mind? I'm gonna take a look at you aia file more in depth and see if I can catch it..

Thanks you for spending all this time trying to help me! I can't say that enough!