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{AppToMarket} New Release of Ai2LiveComplete

Check new features in Jan 4th 2015 release of Ai2LiveCompleteHERE.

Problem playing dynamically downloaded mp3 files

I am trying to make an app where, at the very first time when it is run, it downloads about 30 small mp3 files and stores them as simple assets. eg: tune01.mp3, tune02.mp3, etc.
But when I try to play any of these files, it gives Error 701 - Unable to Load
Wondering if there is any known error in this area.

Attached is the blocks. Any help is appreciated.

the file component can only work with text files, not sound files

if you want to download a file, you have to set Web.SaveResponse to true and use the Web.GotFile event, for an example see here https://puravidaapps.com/filebyfile.php

Thank you Taifun! You actually saved lot of my time. Without your response I could have gone nuts!
Now, the files are downloading and playing..
But there is one question though;
Even though I am setting the Web2.set ResponseFileName to a simple value such as 'tune01.mp3' and setting Web2.SaveResponse to True, in the Got File event handler it always comes up with '/storage/emulated/0/tune01.mp3' and so on as the file names. Wondering if it is possible to save the response as an asset file without any subdir structure. Basically I want the files to come as 'tune01.mp3','tunes02.mp3', etc. is it possible?

Enabling Javascript in the webview Blocks

I  have been look everywhere on the net for how to enable javascript in webview but everything i find is code or logic no one actually show you how to do it in the blocks editor which is what we have to ultimately use.

Can someone upload how to actually do it in the blocks editor please? 

(My original issue is that i point the web view to my dating site but users can't upload pics from within my app, if you use a regular web browser it will let you uplaod here is a link to my apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_key92kh.TLK)

Javascript is already enabled in the webviewer by default, and it does run javascript fine.

But it is no full browser. I imagine uploading an image using the webviewer probably won't work.

Where is the image coming from? Is it on the device's sd card?

Thanks for your reply... It would be fine if either could be accessed, but nothing is happening when the file button is pressed, when i access it in a real browser like firefox or chrome it go to the phones image gallery. This is what i would like to happen in my webview. 

Coding vs non-coding

Is it possible to make a game without coding? and what is the difference between coding and non-coding apps (the results)

Anything is possible :) What do you mean by 'non-coding apps'? Can you provide an example?  Note: that creating anything in AI you need to 'code'.  App Inventor is a platform and a programming language. 

Wikipedia defines "coding" as a phase within the process of Computer Programming. To 'make a game...' you need to code almost by definition. If you're creating output based on input you're coding. 
I'm sure there are long conversations about the differences between 'coding' and 'scripting'. 


How do you undo an action???????????

Sorry the feature Undo does not exist in app inventor. It is best practise to take backups of your project and if you need to undo something you can upload a previous backed up project

I've just started working with AppInventor this weekend, and also quickly realized that Undo doesn't exist. But-- I quickly learned that very frequent use of "Save As" and "CheckPoint" saves a lot of frustration. They both save a picture of the project, however it does help to know the difference: with Checkpoint, you keep working on the original project; with Save As, you take up working on the new project. Getting my head around that took a bit, but now it's second nature and I find myself doing SaveAs to a new new project any time I make even little changes-- I know that I won't have to go back too far if I accidentally delete something! Usually, I update the name like TestApp_1a to TestApp_1b.

Is also a good idea to export the project to .aia files that you can archive on the computer, just in case something happens "in the cloud" that corrupts your project. I suggest that exporting to .aia should happen any time you've made significant changes to the project, in conjunction with doing SaveAs but not as frequently-- like if you feel TestApp has moved from TestApp_1g to TestApp_2a, do an export as well as a SaveAs...

New Version App Inventor 2 offline error

In the new version (December, 2014), no names are displayed to me.
When I run the old version from May 2014
Is Perfect ales.
I have emptied the cache.
Why is this error?

If this is in regard to offline version of AiLiveComplete, please post to forum HERE

and if you are using AI2U, post here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ai2u

Button Problems...

Ive got a problem i cant fix...

ive got a screen arrangement on the top of the screen. There are 2 buttons sized 30 x30 pixel. The text between them is "fill parent" in whide and high. 

BUT over the buttons there are grey lines... i changed the buttons, the text and the arrangement but it still appear...

(shown on the pic)

need some help to fix that...

how do these buttons look like?
do they have only the yellow part and the background is transparent or is there that grey line on top? use an image manipulation program like Gimp to modify your buttons...


Hi I need some help, so I have made an app that you can book rooms and I would like some with the Time picker please.
So basically, when a person chooses a start and end time that they would like to book that room, it would save it on the Listpicker, but lets say if another person chooses that same room, and they choose that same start and end time as that other person did, how could I make them not be able to choose the same time. 

Here are my blocks that I have started with

you will have to use a server database to store your data, for example a fusiontable to learn how to work with fusiontables, see the Pizza Party tutorial

Back button pressed!

if the user presses the back button while using the app, how can I send my app to the background(it should keep working) and show the home screen of the device?

App Inventor apps presently cannot run in the background...

Me, after Enis's answer below:


It's going to happen sooner or later... just when we're not sure.  It's called services.  An app can't run in the background without a service.

There are some tricks you can use to force it to stay active... Search forRunning in the Background and you'll find lots of info...

How can i make listview like this?

listview & multiple screen..

Please read the documentation about lists from the App Inventor site. These pages will describe how to create a list, and how much you can control the look and feel through App Inventor.

Also, please read about multiple screens here: http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/concepts.html#Screens

In the future, please use the App Inventor site first to try to find answers to these type of requests. Furthermore, please include screenshots of the relevant work you have done, so that we can best help you.

Thanks and happy apping!

you can get a white background if you use additionally AppToMarket

showMessageDialog to wait until button (buttonText) is pressed

I want the screen to change when the user clicks on showMessageDialog's button. How do I make this happen?

You handle this in the AfterChoosing block for the notifier and change screens like any other screen...

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I did it like in the print, it is not workin :/

Right... sorry, glanced too fast over attachment.

You're not asking to make a choice in that dialog box.  So The AfterChoosing is never firing.  Either do a dialog box with a yes, no answer, or move the open screen to the button click block, under the notifier block.

as Enis said, you have to use a Notifier.ShowChooseDialog
if you only want to display "OK" as button text, just use an empty text block as second button text

background pic won't show up

the background pic shows up on designer but when i test the app, the picture wont show up.  I've set the background color as none but it still won't work... is there something wrong with the picture or what? 
what can i do to solve this problem? 

make sure you spelled the file name correctly, also file names are case sensitive

Mathematical Function

Can someone tell me how to calculate mathematical function. For example I need to calculate:

When you press button Calculate to show in TextBox3 result from TextBox1 divided by TextBox2.

Also me need another mathematical function but I don't now how to make that in program?

Can you help me with this function?

Please do the tutorials... You need to learn how to use AI before doing what you're trying to do!  The tutorials are located here:http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/tutorials

...also read http://www.appinventor.org/Chapter16     in the AI2 free online eBook   http://www.appinventor.org/book2 ... the links are at the bottom of the Web page.

set TextBox3.text to   TextBox1.Text / TextBox2.Text   is what you say you want to do.

Now, do some reading and try some blocks.   If you run into difficulty, post a screen capture image of what you tried (jpg or png images please) and someone will provide specific advice.

I need help. Thanks to anyone who replies with help :)

Hi, I am currently working on a game app for Android using MIT App Inventor 2. I am trying to add in a feature where you have to try and beat your time on each level. Currently I have it that it stores your most recent time instead of your best time for example if on level 1 you get 5 seconds, and then after you get 7 seconds it will store the 7 seconds instead of the 5 seconds when the lower time is obviously your best score. 
I am trying to display your high score on a level selection menu beside the button for that particular level. 

You did not provide a screen capture of your blocks Conor.  Forum users need to see what you tried to provide suggestions.

A way to do what you want might involve the Logic and/or Math blocks and If..then statements.  It appears the BEST scores are the lowest scores so you probably have to compare two scores and determine if score1 is < score2 or the other way around?

Part of what you want to do is discussed here in the forum:  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/mitappinventortest/high$20score/mitappinventortest/_SNEp0JhBo4/wqo9f5EjJzoJ     Yes, what you actually want is a Low Score screen...same idea, different logic reasoning.  If you search the many threads you will find two or three aia files that demonstrates different ways of getting a Leader Board type display if that is what you want ...except your leaders are the low scores.

The other part is possibly discussed here:  http://www.appinventor.org/Chapter18 shows how to make decisions.  Another part is possibly here http://www.appinventor.org/Chapter16

If you use a Canvas, you can use the Canvas DrawText to display a score on the Canvas.  To get the score beside a button, place both the button and the score (probably displayed in a label) inside a Horizontal Layout control.  Then they can be displayed side by side.

Tell us here more and show a screen capture (jpg and png images are best) and someone will give you specific advice.

Please post some screenshots of your relevant blocks so we can see what you're doing and what you're trying to do...  If you don't know how to do screen shots, please read my tips below... actually, you should read them anyway as they'll help you as you get deeper into your app.

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Pb connectivity between phone and Lego bricks EV3

i want to control robot Lego EV3 with my phone (orientationsensors) and a bluetooth connection.
It works a little and after a few seconds i loose connectivity between phone and bricks.

an idea ?

Please see the thread below.  It's a good idea to search the forum before asking as many of these questions have been answered already...


passwords and usernames

How do i set my app to be able for every user to sign up with a username and password of their's own?

What have you tried?  If you haven't tried anything, than 

1. Please read the following:  http://mattgemmell.com/what-have-you-tried/
2. Do the tutorials.  The tutorials are located here:http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/tutorials
3. You'll have to keep user names and passwords on a server because otherwise, they're useless... 
4. Read my tips below...

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You will need a web connection and then store the usernames and passwords in a TinyWebDB or in a Fusiontable.
A TinyWebDB does not look very safe to me because you cannot encrypt your passwords. It would be best to have a server backend in PHP for example.
If you Google for "ai2 username password", you will find several items that can maybe help you.


Thanks a lot do you mind if i ask how long you have been using app inventor?


Me?  Over a year... I can't speak for Ghica but I'm pretty sure she's been using it for some time now.

this App Inventor Classic example might help A login template

as I just have seen, the example is now also available for App Inventor 2...
3.0 (AI2): This version has the same functionalities as v2.0. It’s just an adaptation for AI2
Do you have any apps on the market at the moment?

Why do you keep asking that?  You asked up here, you asked in private email (do NOT do that again please). Now you're asking Taifun.

So, I'm asking you the same thing... Do YOU?


Thanks for your email but I believe I was clear above... if you have questions, please ask them here... I won't answer them privately.  

Also, please feel free to search for Google Play on the forum and you'll get lots and lots and lots of information.


I am using app inventor for a bit more than half a year now, but I am doing software development for 40+ years. I have no intention at this time to put app's in the play store. Why do you want to know?

refer to: refer to: Login Template AI2