DSO Nano/Development


Some resources for developing (on) the DSO Nano.

Firmware development

  • Get the source and build it
See Building the source with gcc. To build with IAR, see the Links section below.
  • Contribute patches
Please share your modifications at the DSO Nano forum. The best is to post a “diff” from the git repository. E.g. “git diff > mypatch.diff and post the mypatch.diff instead of uploading the whole code tree. Even better is to learn git and make real patch series. Or publish your own git tree somewhere (gitourious.org, github.com etc).


Help us make it better

Thank you for choosing Seeed. A couple of months ago we initiated a project to improve our documentation system. What you are looking at now is the first edition of the new documentation system. Comparing to the old one, here is the progresses that we made:
  • Replaced the old documentation system with a new one that was developed from Mkdocs, a more widely used and cooler tool to develop documentation system.
  • Integrated the documentation system with our official website, now you can go to Bazaar and other section like Forum and Community more conveniently.
  • Reviewed and rewrote documents for hundreds of products for the system’s first edition, and will continue migrate documents from old wiki to the new one.
An easy-to-use instruction is as important as the product itself. We are expecting this new system will improve your experience when using Seeed’s products. However since this is the first edition, there are still many things need to improve, if you have any suggestions or findings, you are most welcome to submit the amended version as our contributor or give us suggestions in the survey below, Please don’t forget to leave your email address so that we can reply.
Happy hacking