Guide to use demos downloaded from Seeed's Github


It is necessary to use demos from Seeeduino Github frequently and there some slight difficult for a novice to run the demo well. So we want to show you a scheduled procedure to run the demos quickly.

Get started

  1. You can download sample code and library or header files on Seeed’s Github sites.
  2. Click a button named “Download Zip” at Github.
  3. Decompress the downloaded ZIP file.
  4. Remove the “-master” twice in decompressed file name.
  5. Copy the folder decompressed file xxx into your library folder (In default, it is same with Sketchbook Location which can be found by clicking File > Preference).
  6. Under Windows, it will likely be called “My Documents\Arduino\libraries”. For Mac users, it will likely be called “Documents/Arduino/libraries”. On Linux, it will be the “libraries” folder in your sketchbook.
  7. Add ZIP library by the downloaded ZIP file(with “-master” removed first).
  1. Open .ino file in the sub directory example
  2. Compile or Upload demos into your main controller board.
Tips: Always add compress a library file(header file in majority circumstances) with zip format if Arduino prompt that it can not find a foo.h file.

Help us make it better

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